About Us

Aduex Display Service is a full spectrum event design & production company based out of New Delhi with a Pan-India presence. Aduex Display Service has satellite offices in Pune, Kolkata & Chennai giving it unparalleled access and quality service delivery in any part of India.

Aduex Display Service was born in Delhi in the spring of 1984. Founded by Mr. Raibat Basu, an alumnus of the prestigious Delhi College of Art, the company started with a background of creative design working on numerous advertising campaigns in its early years.

Aduex Display Service took its first flight on its fledgling wings in Delhi with Display & Exhibition Services for the Advertising World and has since moved from strength to strength. The company soon became the first choice of exhibitors and global brands for its formidable design & production capabilities.

On 19th March,1990 Aduex expanded to form Inspiration Constructions Pvt. Ltd. to undertake specialized projects demanding a high level of multi-disciplined co-ordination in addition to advanced production techniques.

The knowledge and critical insight in this field over the years has created a great demand for 'Aduex' services in Product Displays, Visual Merchandizing & Exhibition Designing & Production. Today, Aduex Display Service is a full service production agency and an industry leader, employing over 100 full time staff and a raft of specialist freelancers who can deliver on any scale and at any time.

Aduex Display Service has always been at the fore-front of providing cutting edge design and production services to all its clients and has received rave reviews for its capabilities right from the World Economic Forum in Davos to Wills India Fashion Week- Delhi, which it has had a continuous association right from the events early days.. Aduex has over the years served a variety of client´s right from leading Automobile & Liquor Brands to some of the most high profile weddings in the country and is considered as the best the industry has to offer, when it comes to bespoke construction of high-end visual props in India.

Who Is Aduex

Aduex has always strived to be the best at what we do. Its been a long fruitful journey of over 30 years and we continue to get stronger with each passing year. The MISSION after all these years still remains the same!! Deliver on Exceptional Design & Craftsmanship. That´s what we do- 365 days in a year.

Our philosophy at Aduex Display Service revolves around three words: Strategy, Creativity, and Delivery.

Strategy defines how to accomplish your goals, creativity brands who you are and delivery ensures that we are able to realize the goal flawlessly. We truly believe that you need to blend these three unique concepts together if you want your visibility to stand out amongst the competition.

Few things are a complete given when you work with Aduex. Design Superiority, World Class Craftsmanship & Complete peace of mind.

We at Aduex live by the values of our work and ensure absolute perfection in whatever we do. Be it using the best materials for a specific build or ensuring that a each setup is managed and planned as per the requirement; we are always one step ahead of the competition.

All the above happen under the hawk eye of Mr. Basu. Each project is run through Dada (as he is lovingly known) and nothing is left to chance by our expert Account Supervisors when it comes to project deadlines or design challenges for any of our projects. Each member of the team brings their knowledge and insight about the job and collectively deliver value each time.

Our Key Skills

Design & Production - Turnkey
Exhibition Design & Production
Troubleshooting & Solutions Provider
End-to-End Project Management